Complaints Procedure

JT Property Matters complaint procedure for Sales: 

Should you have any complaint, the formal procedure is detailed below: 

  1. At the outset, please discuss with a member of our team, who will try to resolve any issue in a prompt and fair manner. 

  2. If at this point you feel your complaint has not been addressed, please speak to the Office Manager, Clare Thomas, who will try to deal with your complaint on the same day (dependent on the nature of the complaint). 

  3. Should  the matter not be resolved to your satisfaction after speaking to the Office Manager, you can refer the complaint to the Director. Letters should be addressed to:
    Mr Jones,
    JT Property Matters Ltd,
    199 High Street, Treorchy,
    CF42 6NU

Your letter should state the nature of your complaint and how you feel that JT Property Matters can fully resolve the matter. 

- Once a formal complaint has been received in writing, we will send acknowledgement within 3 working days. This will outline our understanding of your complaint and we will aim to fully resolve the matter within 14 working days (dependent on the nature of the matter). At this point we may need to contact you for further information to assist us in resolving the issue dependent on the complexity of the matter. The Director will then fully investigate your complaint and send out a formal outcome within the 14 working days' timescale. 

  1. We will work to ensure that you receive our final response in one month of your initial complaint, unless the nature of the complaint prevents us from doing so. This will be in writing from the Director and will be accomponied by The Property Ombudsman Consumer Guide (Please note that The Property Ombudsman will not look at any case that has not first gone through our in house procedure. 

  2. Should the issue still not be addressed, you can contact The Property Ombudsman @:
    The Property Ombudsman, Milford House,
    43 - 55 Milford Street, 
    SP1 2BP.

    Tel: 01722 333306

  3. At this point The Property Ombudsman will look into your complaint, taking into account any points and evidence provided by you and JT Property Matters. They may refuse to look at matters that either occurred more than 12 months prior to writing to the member agency, or, if you refer your complaint to The Property Ombudsman more than 6 months after you received the Members Agency final response/settlement.

Please see The Property Ombudsman website for full details on complaints: